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Technical Lead / C++ Programmer

GymCraft has an opportunity for a talented C++ and Gameplay Programmer to join our team. The emphasis of the position will be on designing our hardware communication SDK with fitness equipment machines and tying this SDK into our platform and games. It’s a matter of ongoing implementation of new hardware and unifying the SDK and game communication so that 3rd party developers can make use of the SDK in a near future. Enabling fitness equipment for games.

Our offices are located in Barcelona, Spain where we build up a new development unit from scratch. The candidate leads the process and architecture of the hardware communication SDK. As the SDK communicates to all major 3D engines the candidate should have an understanding of gameplay development to link the SDK to the particular vehicle systems in the engines. Occasionally being able to work on gameplay and fixes in games as well.  


  • Create and improve our hardware connectivity SDK
  • Implement new hardware (Bluetooth, WiFi, USB)
  • Write code that performs well under a number of different hardware architectures
  • Be our in-house SDK architecture expert, both on paper and in the game engines.
  • Write gameplay code related to the vehicle system
  • Organize a team and tasks in JIRA (Scrum Master)
  • Reports to the CTO


  • Strong C++knowledge
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work together with people of all disciplines
  • Strong knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • Strong knowledge of hardware communication


  • Degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Experience of game physics programming
  • Experience using the CryEngine or UnrealEngine
  • Shipped at least one game title

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